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Englebert Humperdinck - Man Without Love (V2)

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Englebert Humperdinck is a British pop singer that was surprisingly born in Chennai, India. His number one release of 1968 was without a doubt the tragic love song, "Man Without Love". The title of the song gives away the sad and at times, downright depressing mood of this musical piece. There is a lot to unpack and not everything is told to us outright.

A song that is rife with double meanings and hidden pains, let us dive into this potential ring tone of yours.

A Love That Fell Away

Let us begin from the very first verse of this tragic tale. The main character starts out by remembering romantic walks that seemingly stretched out into eternity. The concept of eternity is a strong theme within these first two opening lines. This confidence that usually sprouts up from a strong and passionate love is resonating and the main character is letting us know of it.

This only serves to make it all the more painful when the entire last section of the first verse shatters this confident image of love. The line goes, "then something changed her mind". He is uncertain as to what could have led to this change, all he knows is that it has occurred, and doesn't know how to deal with it.

The last line is the writer's way of letting us know what the main character misses the most about his lost love. Her arms holding him. I am confident in saying that this may be one of the most painful openings to any song that I have ever heard. The emotional swing from completely opposite ends of the spectrum is enough to give anyone whiplash.

A Description of Pain

The next few verses exist to complete two goals. The first is to show us the mental state of not just a heartbroken man but a broken man as a whole. In fact, we are told that every single day that the main character wakes up, he begins to break. As if to say, "when I am asleep I am not conscious therefore I don't think about the pain."

Sleep is but a momentary death and the main character is telling us that only when he is in a state of death is he no longer feeling any pain. The song goes on to mention that "lonely is a man without love". Almost as if trying to scare the listener, urging them to hold on tight to those they care about because they will not be able to withstand the pain of solitude.

A harrowing tale for anyone currently in love or in fear of losing the one that they love. The main character can no longer face the world that has fallen down on him and as a result, all he can do is cry. Cry with sounds of the past blaring through his ears and echoing into images of moments had within his mind.

A Hope That Won't Die

Perhaps the most painful part of this entire song is the fact that he still holds hope. They say that hope is the last to go and the main character has yet to release his stranglehold upon it. The line goes, "If you see my girl, please send her home to me". The main character is on the verge of begging anyone that comes across his girl to send her back in his direction.

The fact that he would still want her even though she only returned after someone came across her and sent her home is depressing. At this point, he is only thinking wishfully. Devoid of reason and respect for himself, he can do nothing but wait and cry. Not the most respectful life to live.

The Right Choice For You?

If you are no stranger to a broken heart. If you have spent days or continue to spend days hoping for your loved one to return then this is the only song that should be your ringtone. It is a classic and you can never go wrong with a classic. 

Be warned, that listening to such a somber tune every single time your receive a call maybe to much for your heart to handle. 

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