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Don Moen - Thank You Lord

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About Don Moen

Don Moen started his career as a Christian musician with Terry Law, a traveling evangelist. Don spent 10 years working with Terry to spread enjoyable Christian messages before moving to work with Integrity Media. For 20 years, Don stuck with Integrity Media, rising through the ranks to become the creative director and then president of the company. In 2007, Moen left Integrity Media to start his own company, called The Don Moen Company. Since then, he's served as a radio host, worked with software companies, and received numerous awards based on his popular worship music.

Moen has worked on and released multiple works of Christian-themed music, starting with Give Thanks in 1996. Give Thanks was a hugely successful album released by Hosanna! Music and produced by Tom Brooks. Don Moen's music is popular in churches, worship groups, and Christian radio stations. It's a perfect ringtone for anyone who takes Christianity seriously.

About Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord is both an album and a song within that album. The album Thank You Lord was recorded live in 2003 as part of a worship service in Virginia Beach. The album was released in 2004 and hit number 15 on the Billboard's Top Christian Albums chart and 22 on Heatseekers. Thank You Lord features 14 tracks of worship music. The song Thank You Lord is found on track 3.

Thank You Lord was produced with the assistance of the Kingdom Choir of Tide Water as well as the Brentwood Baptist Church Worship Choir. It's an especially good ringtone due to its beautiful choral harmonies, its simple, catchy structure, and its significance as a piece of Christian worship music.

What Does Thank You Lord Mean?

"Thank You Lord" is a somewhat self-explanatory song. In addition to being the title of the album containing the song and the title of the song, the phrase "Thank You Lord" is a major recurring lyric within the song. Thank You Lord is not meant figuratively in the song, nor is it cloaked with complex additional meanings. Instead, it's a simple message. The singer (and those joining him in worship) is offering his gratitude to God and Jesus for the wonderful things that they have done.

The song starts with a spoken phrase. "The Bible says it's a good thing to give thanks to the Lord, amen." This proclamation sets the tone and establishes the singer and those joining him in worship as good, avid Christians. The song then proceeds to sprinkle in various lines and interjections in between repetitions of the phrase "thank you Lord," helping to justify the thanks and give clarity as to what the singer is thanking the Lord for.

First, the song establishes that the singer's primary goal is to give thanks to the lord. It mentions that there's just one thing that the singer has to say to the Lord today, which is a creative embellishment that seems out of place in an album of worship music sung by the same person. The song proceeds to begin to list all of the things that the Lord has done that are worthy of thanks, starting with the things that the Lord has given to the singer and the blessings that the singer is not aware of. 

It's not necessarily clear which part of Thank You Lord is the chorus and which is the verse. An oft-repeated section of the song describes the singer's state of being: they have a grateful heart, they sing songs of praise, and they reach out to others while blessing the name of the Lord. This verse is a great, positive description of a Christian, making Thank You Lord a wonderful song to sing along to. 

Thank You Lord ringtones are especially impactful due to the way they broadcast messages like these to you and your surroundings whenever you receive a call. Not only will they remind the others around you of your devout Christianity, but the lyrics will also remind you of important Christian beliefs and inspire you to be a better person.

The next reason to thank the Lord involves what the Lord has done in the singer's life. The Lord took negative qualities away from the singer and replaced them with positive ones. These are described in some detail: taking away the singer's sin, shame, and sickness, as well as healing the singer's pain. Many Christians undergo complex journeys of faith and these details resonate with many. Whether you're thanking God for a thing that he's done in the past or you're looking for him to ease your current or future pain, the song Thank You Lord can help you talk to the Lord and appreciate the things he's done.

The rest of the lyrics of Thank You Lord are mostly just the verse describing the singer and repetitions of the phrase "thank you Lord" with some small embellishments. As mentioned earlier, the song is not dense or complex in terms of its message or meaning. This makes it an especially powerful piece of music to share with fellow believers, as they'll be able to join you in thanking the Lord right away without a lot of complex bible study.

Thank You Lord Ringtone Download

Thank You Lord's powerful Christian message, simple lyrics, and catchy melody make it a perfect ringtone for anyone who wants to share their Christianity with the world. Don Moen's powerful music makes an excellent ringtone for all mobile devices. Whether you want to use this as your primary tone, you want to set it up for when someone special calls you, or you just want to listen to the song, you can enjoy Don Moen's Thank You Lord totally free right here.

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