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Dirty Heads - Vacation

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Dirty Heads - Vacation

Vacation is a fun, upbeat alternative/indie song sung by reggae rock band Dirty Heads. The song is part of Dirty Heads' sixth album entitled Swim Team, which was released on October 13, 2017. Are you here to listen to Dirty Heads Vacation and determine what the song means? If you are, continue reading to find out the song's meaning below!

Dirty Heads Vacation Meaning

Dirty Heads Vacation includes quite straightforward lyrics in the song. The song denotes that as long as your job is something you love doing, you won't ever get tired of it. With a job you enjoy, you'll feel like you're not doing work at all. These optimistic lyrics are accompanied by a smooth, feel-good melody that'll make listeners want to dance along.

Jared Watson's (Dirty Heads' co-lead vocalist) inspiration for the song was his happiness and contentment with his life and music career. The said idea came to him one day while taking his dogs out for a walk. During the said walk, he managed to contemplate the life and career he had built.

Moreover, in an interview held in 2017, Watson gave importance to finding something you love doing. He also said that those who aren't happy with their life should try finding that spot in order to change their life for the better. In fact, the lyrics "You say you hate your job, but you never leave" are indicative of Watson's encouragement to break free from one's current circumstances to seek the happiness and contentment that one deserves.

Watson claims that everyone can do that since he's living proof that there's nothing preventing you from finding your happiness. Before establishing a successful career with his bandmates, Watson suffered from alcohol and Vicodin addiction. Fortunately, he managed to get over these problems and garnered success with his band.

About the Singer

Dirty Heads is an American reggae rock group formed in 2006. The band was formed in Orange County, California, and consists of members Jared Watson, Shawn Gonzalez, Jon Olazabal, Dustin Bushnell, Matt Ochoa, and David Foral. The band is
under multiple labels: Better Noise, Executive Music Group, and Five Seven Music.

The band is best known for incorporating ska and reggae influences in their songs, which are both cultures present in the band's place of origin. Dirty Heads entered the music scene with their first album, Any Port in a Storm, which was introduced to the public in 2008.

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